Proyectos Anteriores

    A program to prepare disadvantaged children to enter the university.

    The Chilean American Foundation continues its alliance with the School of Economics and Business of the University of Chile for the program “School for Talent Development (EDT)”, which received a contribution of $11,500 for 2021.

    Under this program, the best students from socially and economical vulnerable households, from technical-vocational high schools in Santiago and Aysén, receive free academic support in order to render an excellent university application test, enter and finish their elected university career. The preparation program is intensive during the last two years of high school, in addition to their regular classes, followed by support once they have entered the university with coaching for building their professional networks until they graduate. The program works with an annual group of 200 students.


    EDT 2021
  • "RURAL PATHWAYS  III - Art Workshops"
    Community of Tomé, Region of Bíobío

    In order to strengthen creative abilities and the socio-emotional development of students, the Center for Education and Culture Mistral (CECUM) offered workshops on painting, engraving, and sculpture  from the College of San Antonio during the school year. A closing ceremony showed the results of the workshops to officials of the Municipality of Tomé, parents, and members of the community.

    The Chilean American Foundation funded the third year of  program for $ 1000 for a printing machine and materials to improve the quality of workbooks used to guide and instruct children and children. The program was so successful that the  community of Tomé agreed to fund the program in the local budget in 2021 providing a solid foundation for the future.


    CECUM 2021
    Various communities of Santiago, Metropolitan Region.

    The Quiero Mi Casa Foundation (FQMC) was awarded $6,582 for an emergency program to deliver 216 boxes of non-perishable food and other nutritional items to 90 children and youth belonging to 54 families in Santiago for 4 winter months of 2021. These families live in various parts of Santiago in situations of extreme poverty. At the same time, FQMC worked with these families in a supportive effort to help them reach economic sustainability and obtain subsidized housing.

    FQMC 2021
    Comuna Cerro Navia, Santiago

    The Cerro Navia Joven Foundation (FCNJ) was awarded a grant of  $7.896 to provide food to 184 children and youth during the four winter months of 2021. Participants included 104 children in the daycare program, 20 in the drug rehabilitation program, and  60 in the "Valorando la Escuela" program.

    The food supplied included non-perishable goods and other age-appropriate food items. This organization is located in the Cerro Navia Comune and in the sector of Barrancas, an area of extreme poverty in the northeast of Santiago.

    FCNJ programa alimentario 2021
    Providing children with learning experience about gardening and the environment.

    The Minga Valpo Foundation established a "Ludoteca" (a place to learn through play) in the Concon region of Valparaiso. This project helped the foundation develop winter workshops tailored to the needs of the community.

    In addition to learning about gardening and the environment, the children explored these themes more in depth through story telling, getting their hands in the earth, and growing their own garden from seeds. The Chilean American Foundation contributed $ 1,000 for this program to cover the cost of workshop materials, masks and sanitizer for provection against Cpvid-19, and a workshop instructor.


    Minga Concón 2021

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