Proyectos Anteriores

    Children train in "contactless" Rugby.

    After the great success of this program last year, the CAF decided to continue bringing this sport to three new teams in Arica (North of Chile). This project aims mainly at reactivating physical activities for boys and girls aged 10 to 12 years old in three public schools in Arica, bringing this sport of "contactless" Rugby (no throwing) by the sport teachers already certified by RPT Chile.

    The practice of RPT promotes an integral development of Mind + Body + Spirit among the children who practice it, as well as the values of passion, trust, teamwork, and respect. The training will last 10 weeks, and the three teams will receive all the necessary equipment. They will close with competitive games with the Rugby League of Arica.

    The Chilean-American Foundation will contribute $4,000 to this project.

    RPT foto Arica 2022
    Girls and boys from La Florida, Santiago, get instruction in 3D printing.

    The CAF supports this project in its second year, because it promotes technologies to a disadvantaged community with no access to this area of education.

    Fundación Vida Compartida will offer 16 boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 15, who come from the poorest households in La Florida in Santiago, 3D printers’ educational workshops.

    There will be two groups by age (5-9 and 10-15 years old) working weekly for 6 months and ending with an exhibit of their work. During this time, they will receive instruction from programmers in electronics and robotics, will use computational language, specialized design software, and use practical and ludic exercises to print their objects.

    This project will receive a contribution of $4,000.

    Taller 3D del 2022
    Students get academic support scholarships for a slot in a university.

    The CAF continues its alliance with the School of Economics and Business (FEN) of the University of Chile supporting Junior year students selected among 26 technical-vocational high schools in Santiago, Aysén, and Viña del Mar, with good academic performance and from economically vulnerable households.

    They will receive free academic support for two years at the EDT while preparing the university application test to gain a slot at a university and graduating from high school. By 2022, more than 42 students graduated from this program have gone on to obtain their professional degree from various universities.

    The CAF will support this successful program with the FEN with a contribution of $6.000 from its general fund.

    EDT del 2022
    Aid for students from outside Santiago in first year of Engineering and Sciences.

    This program will benefit students who come from outside Santiago in their first year at the School of Engineering and Sciences of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physical Sciences (FCFM) at the University of Chile in Santiago. They entered the university on their own merits and qualified, due to their financial situation, for the lodging aid from our alliance with Foundation Moisés Mellado.

    The Chilean-American Foundation is helping students who live in financially difficult situations to fulfill university studies. Whithout this aid, these students would have difficulty finishing their academic year.

    The CAF will contribute $4,000 to the scholarship fund per our "Project FMM/FCA".

    Solidaridad FMM

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