Proyectos Anteriores

    Boys and girls from Peñalolén, Santiago, have Summer activities.

    This project aims at promoting and maintaining social and moral values in the 51 children aged between 6 and 12 years old that regularly attend the Center during the school year because their parents do not return home until late in the evening.

    Throughout the months of January and February of 2022 summer vacation, they will continue daily ludic activities lead by two teachers and two assistants, with a light meal. The project will offer art and handicrafts: molding, masks, painting, collages, manufacturing of toys from recycled objects. Also, sport activities and psychomotricity. The participants will review the values of camaraderie, respect, empathy, welcoming immigrant children and the promotion of physical activities as a ‘hobby’ for leisure times. The program will close with an excursion for the day to the beach. The Foundation contributed $4,000 to this project.

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    First-year Students in Engineering and Sciences from outside Santiago.

    The Foundation Moisés Mellado (FMM), linked with the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (FCFM) of the University of Chile, gives scholarships to students in the Engineering and Sciences School (EIC) who are from outside Santiago. FMM proposed a project to receive contributions from the Chilean-American Foundation and this was approved. Both organizations signed a Cooperation Agreement on January 31, 2022.

    The project’s objective is to contribute to covering housing costs during the first academic year of students of the Common Plan of the FCFM at the University of Chile pursuing careers in the engineering and sciences program. This aid is awarded based on the students’ socio-economic conditions, good academic ranking, and who come from outside of Santiago. During 2022, FMM will promote this agreement to raise funds with its alumni and other donors who live and work in the United States and the Chilean-American foundation will send the donations.

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    Boys and girls train in "contactless" Rugby in Region of Arica and Parinacota.

    This project aims mainly at reactivating physical activities in idle children aged 10 to 12 years old in three public schools in the Region of Arica and Parinacota in the North of Chile, by bringing this sport of "contactless" Rugby (without pushing each other) via their sport teachers already certified in RugbyParaTodos (Rugby For All).

    The practice of RPT promotes an integral development of Mind + Body + Spirit among its practitioners with a social change through the game as the habit of physical activity as well as the essential values of: passion, trust in the team, teamwork, respect, resilience and joy. The girls and boy will train for 10 weeks and will receive the necessary equipment to practice this sport physically secure. They will close with games competing among the three schools.

    The Chilean-American Foundation has become and ally of Foundation RugbyParaTodos Chile, by contributing $4,000 in seed funds so that the practice of this sport continues expanding in the country through their programs.

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    Students win a scholarship for learning and a slot in a university career.

    The CAF continues its alliance with the School of Economics and Business of the University of Chile for the program “School for Talent Development”, which received a contribution of $10,000 for 2022.

    Under this program, the best students from socially and economical vulnerable households, from 22 technical-vocational high schools in Santiago and Aysén, receive free academic support in order to render an excellent university application test, enter and finish their elected university career. The preparation program is intensive during the last two years of high school, in addition to their regular classes, followed by support once they have entered the university with coaching for building their professional networks until they graduate. The program works with a regular group of 135 students.

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    Girls and boys from La Florida, Santiago, get programming instruction in 3D printing.

    Fundación Vida Compartida Don Bosco will offer boys and girls between the ages of 7 and 15, who come from the poorest households in the community of La Florida in Santiago, educational workshops to work with 3D-printers. Programming instructors will teach them the computational language as well as the printer’s specific technical requirements to print the objects. The 16 children will work in teams of two carrying out their projects for 4 months and will close with an exhibition of their work.

    This project promotes a practical education that might become a projection of the lives and a sustainable occupation for these children. They will be using technologies of the future using the very successful results of a pilot workshop in 2020 "3D Printing Workshop: Print your Ideas with Fundación Don Bosco". Our Foundation contributed $4,000 to this project and, together with Fundación Vida Compartida, we hope it gets established as a regular annual program to reach hundreds of these children.

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