Pedagogical Materials and Psychosocial Help for Girls and Their Families

PelluhueExecuting Institution: Fundacion Mi Hogar– Pelluhue
Location: Pelluhue, Maule
Grant Value:USD 4,000
In the first weeks after the earthquake, girls and staff of this foster home near the Pacific Ocean had to camp on a nearby hill for fear of a new tsunami. This project benefits girls between 4 and 18 years old that reside in this home. The girls are currently attending school in a restricted half-day schedule in the single public establishment of education in the area that operates in a provisional building. To help the girls with their studies, a special room in the foster home is being remodeled as a study hall with shelves for educational materials and appropriate installations for computer use. Also, the project provides psychosocial support to children and their families through training workshops on emergency preparedness and coping with natural disasters.