The Chilean-American Foundation is a charity chartered in Washington, DC. in 1990. Your contribution is tax deductible under Section  501(c)(3) (EIN #  237177030 )

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The Foundation is an all-volunteer effort and we need YOUR help to make a difference for the children in Chile.

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Volunteer of the Year


The Foundation recieved a prize of US$1.000 awarded by the Retirees Association of the Interamerican Development Bank. The donation was awarded in recognition of the exceptional service of our representative in Chile, María Teresa Traverso, who won the 2014 Prize for Volunteer of the Year. In addition, our Projects Director, Anamaría Viveros-Long,  was awarded Honorable Mention for her outstanding volunteer work. The prize will be used to aid the Foundation’s activities and projects.

Your participation in our events and contributions to the Chilean-American Foundation is vital to continue our support of children in Chile. Since the Foundation is an all-volunteer organization, all proceeds go to helping children.