Chile’s Independence Day, 2013

September_2013 A bracelet here, an unused coffee pot there. A huaso hat permanently mothballed in a storage unit, a forgotten copper plate, fine china, silver matés, various decorations, toys, stuffed animals, and abandoned ornaments of all kinds. Condorito comic books, Vanidades magazines, CDs. Somewhere among all of this, eight bottles of Chilean avocado oil.

These are just some of the hundreds of objects that have been collected, little by little, by our faithful volunteers, to be sold in the traditional Foundation Flea Market on the most recent Chilean Independence day in Bethesda, Maryland. As always, a dozen volunteers attended our booth with care and joy starting in the morning. On a beautiful day, under a white tarp and a blue sky.

Between all the flutes and whistles, the laughter and the haggling, we raised $850! Every dollar will benefit a Chilean child.

By Mabel Correa