Contributing to the development of children of our rural community: help them recover their smile and their peace.

girls smiling on outdoor swingExecuting Institution: Fundacion “CRATE”
Location: Talca, Maule
Grant Value:USD 4,000
The project was a specific initiative designed to help heal the children psychosocial damage occurred as a result of the earthquake in four communities in Licant (2) and in Huala (2). The project motivated active participation of the community through identification and selection of three leaders in each of the four communities; a day of awareness and training; interviews with 20% of families in every community to assess their situation and a workshop for the leaders to exchange ideas and experiences to identify possible healing initiatives with children and families in the communities. As a result, the community built several playgrounds and libraries and got community committment to maintain these facilities. The project helped more than 300 children and their families.