Anti Bullying Brigades

Executing Institution: Corporacion Siempre Contigo
Location: San Miguel, Santiago
Grant Value:USD 5,100
We continue our ongoing efforts to help the children in metropolitan Santiago. Our projects aim to find remedies to address bullying activity in selected schools, to provide after school workshops for children in neighborhoods with high levels of violence, and to support community organizations to organize recreational workshops and support services.
This project continues activities started in 2010 addressing a growing problem in educational facilities in Chile: bullying. Corporacion Siempre Contigo implements the Anti-Bullying Brigades project in selected schools focusing on its beneficiaries that have attention deficit disorder. Since children with attention deficit disorder are more likely to be aggressors or to be targeted by bullies, the project trains its beneficiaries to apply conflict resolution techniques, in coordination with parents and teachers. Using this approach, the project reduces bullying activity by involving students, especially those with a higher probability of encountering bullying, to improve their own social skills.