About Us

IMG_3343The Chilean-American Foundation is a community of people, both Chileans and friends of Chile, that live in the United States, who strive to improve the lives of children at risk in Chile. We fund projects with established organizations in Chile that work towards developing children’s talents, protecting children’s rights, natural disaster relief, assisting sick children and children with disabilities, and children who have experienced sexual abuse.

We are a non-profit, non-political, tax-exempt charitable organization chartered in 1990 in the Washington, D.C. area. Our staff is composed exclusively of volunteers located in the United States and Chile.

Your contribution is tax deductible under Section 501(c)(3) (EIN # 237177030)

Chilean-American Foundation P.O.Box 73651, Washington, DC 20056 USA
Phone: 202-251-1496 (Elia Tefarikas, President)

Email: chileanamericanfoundation@gmail.com

Chilean-American Foundation Board of Directors

Elias Tefarikis – President

Mauricio Bascuñan – Vice President

Vicky Levy – Fund-Raising Committee Director

Jossie Lerner, Claudia Pescetto – Membership Committee Directors

Anamaria Viveros-Long, Rosita Kline – Projects Committee Directors

Pedro Labarca – Treasurer

Executive Committee

Anamaria Viveros-Long – Executive Director

Mauricio Bascuñan – Director

Elias Tefarikis – Director

Marcela Otto – Vice President

Lawrence Lamonica – Advisor