Me and my reflection

Executing Institution: Comitpe por el Arte, la Cultural y Educacion Tactoimagen
Location: Maipo, Santiago
Grant Value:USD 3,500
Tactoimagen is a group of young adult professionals that have combined differential educational and visual arts to reproduce and create works of art that can be appreciated through touch, especially for visually impaired children and youths. Tactoimagen actively works with the poorest communities in Santiago, not only with disabled, but also with other underprivileged and socially vulnerable children. The project will help finance teacher training in art therapy, ambulatory exhibits, and 5 major workshops with children and youths to develop art and share with others, reaching close to 500 beneficiaries. Through these activities the children will learn what it is to be visually impaired and they will also have an opportunity to heal their frustrations and negative feelings through their own works of art.

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